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Books That Changed My Life is a new initiative that celebrates the transformational role books play in our lives through a two-month celebration of literature and culture, featuring events inspired by or adapted from beloved literary works, including author conversations, writers workshops, weekly storytime, a gallery exhibit, musical concerts, theatrical and film events, and more.

From Jason Blitman, Lambert Center for Arts + Ideas Program Director: ‘Books That Changed My Life' started as a phrase from Arts + Ideas director Udi Urman, which inspired and encouraged me to explore the idea of how books have changed not only my life, but the lives of authors and JCC community members. We soon learned that everyone was excited to talk about a book that was meaningful to them, and that idea transformed into this festival—a true celebration of powerful storytelling and the lasting impact of words. With books, you experience perspectives, and stories, and voices that are diverse with limitless possibilities; whether you read or not, whatever your age, you can find something in this festival for you.

The festival will run from January 5 through February 28, 2023.

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